Chad Ochocinco To TwitPic Fines; Begins With First For Orange Chin Strap

758 - RAVENS v BENGALSTotal Pro Sports – The Chad Ochocinco Twitter saga has been dragging on throughout the preseason, and while he has recently proposed a plan to allow him to update his Twitter account during games, the Bengals wideout was not done there.

Chad EightyFive has more information regarding his NFL season that he wants to share with you.  His fines!  And he should be seeing a lot of them if he continues down this road.

Ochocinco announced that he will be posting pics of each fine the NFL sends to him this season on Twitter, and to prove that he is not all talk he already has one to show us.  During the Bengals 34-21 loss to the Rams on Thursday night, he was spotted wearing an orange chinstrap (rather than a white one), which is a violation of the leagues uniform policy.  As a result he was given a $5000 fine from the league and has the picture to prove it (pic below).  He also posted the following comment on his Twitter account:


It seems like a rather harsh fine, but also begs the question, why not just wear the proper white chin strap?  Then again, we are talking about the same guy who compared Michael Jackson’s death to 9/11.  Something tells me we will be seeing a lot more of these fines in the not-so-distant-future.

Here is the pic of the fine.


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