Axel Witsel’s Dirty Tackle Snaps Leg Of Marcin Wasilewski

Axel Witsels Dirty Tackle Snaps Leg Of Marcin Wasilewski.

Total Pro Sports – “Rough game” may sound like an oxymoron when refering to soccer, but that is the best description avaliable for Sunday’s Belgian League game between Anderlecht and Standard.  Evidence of that was best seen in Axel Witsel‘s horrifying tackle of Marcin Wasilewski 23 minutes into the match.

With Wasilewski, the Anderlecht defender, chasing down a ball along the sideline, Witsel looked to beat him to it, but when that plan failed, his next target became Wasilewski’s leg.  Replays show the leg snaping at the shin.  As expected, a red card was issued to Witsel and he also fell under the wrath of a few other Anderlecht players.

Blood was seen coming from the leg of Wasilewski as trainers and medical personnel attended to him.  The damage was deemed to be so severe that surgery could not be immediately performed.  Instead, the wounds were cleaned and he will remain on antibiotics until swelling is down and the necessary procedure can take place.

We have seen similar incidents in soccer before, which once again reminds us that although soccer may not share the same aggressive nature as other sports like MMA, is does at times present a similar risk for grusome injuries.

Here is footage of the incident as seen during the game.

And here is how it looked in slow motion.

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