College Football God Tim Tebow About To Start His Preordained Perfect Season

Tim TebowTotal Pro Sports – Finally, college football season is about to start.  And over the next few months we will be graced with the presence of a college football god.  Tim Tebow has publicly stated he wants to lead Florida to an undefeated season and another National Championship.  And being the chosen savior of college football, it’s possible he will do just that.  In between circumcising young heathens and preaching the Lord’s good word, he will probably be the best football player to play the game this season.  If not the best, than he’s definitely one of the most dynamic and exciting players you will watch in ’09.

And make sure you watch him, because his genius on the college football field won’t necessarily transfer to the NFL level easily.  The only advice I have about watching is to mute the sound on your TV while doing it.  The announcers have made a habit of treating him like he is actually the second coming of Jesus.  Wow, he plays great football, and he’s religious and OH MY GOD, he’s a virgin.  Can you imagine being that good looking and talented among so many hot coeds and not acting like Matt Leinart?  He must be a saint, let’s canonize him right now, forget about any long messy process, he’s proven himself already, can anyone really doubt him now?

Right now Florida is predicted to outscore Charleston Southern in the season opener by 73 points.  Now a gentleman like Tebow might not allow a rout quite that bad.  But we’ll see what type of statement the defending champ Gators are trying to make.  I’m still hoping to see Tebow just walk over the defense to score or miraculously heal an injured player on the field.  Maybe he can resurrect the Charleston Southern team after they get killed this weekend.

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