Mia “Kangaroo” Lines Is A 4-Year-Old Tennis Prodigy [w/Video]


Total Pro Sports – Meet Mia Lines, or as some call her, “Kangaroo.”  She’s a young prospect making a name for herself in the tennis world.  Unlike Simona Halep who is making headlines for her breasts and not her tennis skills.

This 4-year-old prodigy has drawn comparisons to Tiger Woods, who was busy displaying his golf talents at a similar young age on “The Mike Douglas Show.”  High praises, but justified after seeing her on the court for just a minute.  A strong forehand, smooth two-handed backhand, and she even has the grunts to fit right into the women’s game, although rules may soon require her to abandon such habits.

Currently training in Florida, Mia is being coached by Rick Macci, the popular tennis mentor who has also taken the likes of Andy Roddick, Jennifer Capriati and the Williams Sisters under his wing.  He has the young phenom practicing three hours a day, performing drills that not only improve her swing, but help her develop quicker feet, hence the nickname “kangaroo.”

If that wasn’t enough, Mia’s dad Glenn has been working hard to improve his daughter’s skills as early as child birth.  A home video even shows him waving a ball in front of new-born Mia’s face and claiming that it help eye-ball coordination (1:00 mark).

Whether that will help “Kangaroo” make her way towards similar stardom experienced by the likes of LeBron James, Tiger Woods, the Williams sisters, or Michael Phelps remains to be seen, but if this train can remain on track the path may lead to the top of the tennis ranks.

Hat Tip Video – [YahooSports]

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