Cameraman Inches Away From Death During Rally Car Crash

Cameraman Inches Away From Death During Rally Car Crash

Total Pro Sports – It continues to blow my mind how people fearlessly stand trackside during rally car races.  With every inch counting and drivers trying to maximize their speed and efficiency by taking each turn at the perfect angle, it is only a matter of time before one car slips up and hits a spectator.

That time was almost now for one cameraman.

Stationed along the track at the 2009 Ojibwe Forests Rally, drivers Z. Babcock and J. Penley took one corner a bit too hard, causing their vehicle to flip and coming oh so close to taking out an individual with a video camera.  Luckily they did not get him and he continued to tape the amazing event.

He will now have footage to remind him just how valuable life can be.

Maybe guard rails would be a welcome addition to rally car racing.  It may take away from what many will refer to as the tradition of the sport, but at least it will prevent drivers from flying off cliffs, smashing into trees, driving into a lake, or most importantly, hitting trackside fans.

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