Chris Tuchscherer Eats Gabriel Gonzaga’s Leg Kick

Chris Tuchscherer Eats Gabriel Gonzaga's ShinTotal Pro Sports – Perhaps the only thing flashier than a vicious overhand right or a spinning backfist knockout is a devastating kick to the head.  They are tough strikes to land, but when they connect they can end a fight in seconds.

Need proof?  Look no further than UFC 102’s fight between Gabriel Gonzaga and Chris Tuchscherer.

At 2:27 of the first round, came at Tuchscherer and hit him square in the face with a devastating left roundhouse kick.  That knocked Tuchscherer tot he ground and Gonzaga ended the fight with a few more punched to the face.  Surprisingly, that was not even good enough to win him knockout of the night, as that award went to Nate Marquardt, who defeated Demian Maia.

It is not often we see such a big man with such a high and hard kick.  Tuchscherer likely was thinking the same thing, but this time it cost him the fight, and possibily some teeth and brain cells as well.

Chris Tuchscherer Eats Gabriel Gonzaga's Shin

Chris Tuchscherer Eats Gabriel Gonzaga's Shin

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