Larry Fitzgerald Uses His Great Hands To Catch Pancakes At IHOP

Larry Fitzgerald Uses His Great Hands To Catch Pancakes At iHopTotal Pro Sports – You would expect to see this type of skill displayed on one of those NFL Fantasy Files commercials, but Larry Fitzgerald does not need to prove his worth as a top fantasy player in the upcoming NFL season.

Rather than promote his soft hands, Fitz is promoting IHop’s new NFL themed breakfast menu.

The Cardinals’ wideout stars in one of the American restaurant chain’s two commercials, which feature AFC and NFL stuffed french toast, and quarterback scrambles, which we will assume are eggs.

During his time on camera, Larry snags some pancakes, coffee and a cup from a strong armed waitress, and is applauded for his “nice hands” by a nearby customer.  Also appearing in his own IHop scene is Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, but somehow they talked him into taking a big hit from a female waitress in his version of the commercial.

Expect an injury update on him within the next few days.

Here is the Fitzgerald version of the commercial.

And here is the McNabb version.

Hat Tip – [Raisingzona]

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