Zinedine Zidane’s Unbelievable Pool Shot

Zinedine Zidane's Unbelievable Pool ShotTotal Pro Sports – Made famous for his great work on the soccer pitch (and who can forget the popular headbutt from the 2006 World Cup), Zinedine Zidane is apparently a multi-sport talent.  That is of course if you consider billiards to be sports.

Video cameras caught up with the former French international as he was challenged to a game of pool.  That game, however, did not last all that long.  One shot, to be exact, as Zidane sent all seven balls on the table into the same side pocket with a simple stroke of the cue.

Most would likely ask the question, “was it real?”  I on the other hand am still trying to figure out what that man is doing spooning Zindane’s ass from behind as he bends over to shoot.

He’s no Steve Nash, but Zidane has now proven that he is no one-trick pony either.

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