Cyclist Crashes His Way To Victory

cyclist-crashes-his-way-to-victoryTotal Pro Sports – Some people will tell you that in order to win you must endure some pain.  Such words have never been more true than for this cyclist, or perhaps Carlos Pardo who dies in a crash after winning his NASCAR Mexico race.

With the camera set up along the finish line, the first cyclist is about to pass through and claim the victory, but just as he is about to come within sight, you can hear the sound of a bike tumbling.  It makes its way across the finish line, but without the rider, who is rolling along behind.  He manages to just make it across the finish line before the second place rider comes in.

If you thought the bruises and scars would dampen his spirits, think again.  He looks over at the camera and asks if he has won.  Much to his delight, he has.

I wonder what emotional state is stronger.  The joy of victory, or the embarrassment of falling of your bike.  Don’t expect this guy to be sending Lance Armstrong any challenges in the near future.

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