Red Sox Closer Jonathan Papelbon Gets Fined For Being Slow

papelbon-snailTotal Pro Sports – Jonathan Papelbon is a little slow and the MLB has fined him because of that.

While this may seem rather harsh at first, the “slowness” being referred to has nothing to do with Papelbon’s mental capabilities.  Rather it is regarding his snail-like pace on the mound.

In an effort to speed up the game, the MLB has issued time limits for pitchers to throw their pitches.  They are given 2 minutes and 20 seconds from the last out to throw the first pitch of the following half inning, and 12 seconds to throw once the batter has settled in the box on all other pitches.

Papelbon has been issued several warnings for being to slow and has estimated his total amount paid in fines to be near $10,000.  his latest fine was for $5000.

“I know it’s a new rule and everything and they’re trying to enforce it,” he said, according to the Herald. “I guess I’m just the one they decided to enforce it on. A rule’s a rule. I don’t know who else is getting fined. I can’t say I’m being picked on. They may be saying the same thing to everyone else.

“If I have to get my agent involved and see if there are other guys doing the same thing I’m doing and not getting fined, then I have a case. If I don’t, then I don’t.” []

If Papelbon is looking for somthing to help set his pace, he may want to imagine Usain Bolt running in his mind.  Once Bolt hits the 100-meter mark, its time to pitch.  If he starts to get to the 200-meter mark, you are way over the limit.

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