Chicago Bliss Quarterback Ellie Cartabiano Loses Her Shorts

Chicago Bliss Quarterback Ellie Cartabiano Loses Her ShortsTotal Pro Sports – With football season upon us, it is not only the men who are straping on the shoulder pads.  The Lingerie Football League has also kicked off its season, and while most of the women are suiting up for action, Ellie Cartabiano was busy striping down, unintentionally.

If  you were looking for incentive to purchase an LFL team, here it is.

During Friday night’s game between the Chicago Bliss and the Miami Caliente, Ellie, a quarterback for the Bliss, was attempting to avoid the Caliente pass rush.  Although she was quick enough to avoid the grasp of Miami defender Annette Mascaro, her shorts were not so lucky.

Much to the delight of the crowd, Cartabiano’s ass was revealed for a few seconds before she eventually covered up and was sacked.  We doubt Italy’s Gennaro Gattuso received the same type of reception following his wardrobe malfunction.

Here is a fans angle of Ellie Cartabiano losing her shorts 

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