UGA’s Reshad Jones Lays A Devastating Hit On OSU’s Justin Blackmon

UGAs Reshad Jones Lays A Devastating Hit On OSUs Justin Blackmon

Total Pro Sports – There’s nothing like a big hit to remind us that football season is back.  Look no further than Saturday afternoon’s battle between No. 13 Georgia and No. 9 Oklahoma State at The Boone for just that.

Although the big boys don’t kickoff until Thursday, there was nothing little about the play of the college kids, especially Georgia Bulldogs safety Reshad Jones.  His thunderous hit on Cowboys’ receiver Justin Blackmon may be the best you will see all season (not including post-game one-punch knockouts, of course) .

With Oklahoma State up by seven just over five minutes into the fourth quarter, they found themselves in Bulldogs’ territory.  Looking to double their lead, Zac Robinson tossed a deep ball over the middle for Blackmon, but Jones had other ideas.  As Blackmon juggled the ball with one hand, Jones delivered a vicious shoulder to shoulder hit, sending him hard into the ground.  Unfortunately the new emphasis on helmet-to-helmet hits have caused officials to become trigger-happy with their yellow flags and Georgia was penalized 15 yards.

It was clear that the good times for the Georgia offense are over with the passing of Matt Staford and Knowshon Moreno.  Quarterback John Cox had little to show (again), but at least we can still look to their defense to provide some highlights.

The Cowboys would score on that drive and win the game 24-10, but it was Blackmon who was clearly on the losing end of that hit.  Luckily the result was not as bad as it could have been.  Hits like that often leave men eating their diners through a straw.

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