Tiger Woods Throws Club At The ’09 Barclays PGA Event [Video]

Tiger Woods Throws Club at 2009 PGA Tour Barclays

Total Pro Sports –Tiger Woods has become a human highlight reel on the golf course, but not all of his “must see moments” are one’s he can be proud of.  Sometimes even Tiger has his bad days, although most would consider 2-under par to be far from that.

While on the fifth tee (his 14th hole of the day) at the Deutsche Bank Championship in Boston, a struggling Woods hit a terrible drive, causing him to erupt in anger immediately and toss his club against the ground.  The driver bounced off the grass and landed in a wetlands area with high grass and water near the tee box.

Spectators are not permitted to stand near the fifth tee and television cameras did not catch the act, but one fan did from about 60 yards away.

After the outburst, Woods made his way down the fairway to look for his ball, which was deemed to be in an unplayable lie.  Meanwhile, Tiger’s caddie, Steve Williams, spent several minutes looking to retrieve the driver from the hazardous area.

It was likely an accumulation of several disappointing moments for Woods that drove him to his boiling point.

“I didn’t feel good over any shot today and didn’t drive it very good, hit my irons worse and didn’t make any putts,” he said. “Other than that, it was a good day.” [CBS Sports]

Tiger would finish the tournament tied for 11th but it was this first round burst of rage that may very well leave him “feeling like a loser.”

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