Rafael Nadal Kissed By A Man And He Liked It

Rafael Nadal Kissed By A Man And He Liked ItTotal Pro Sports – It may sound like a Katy Perry song, but last night following his triumph in the US Open quarterfinals, Rafael Nadal was kissed by a man, and he seemed to like it.

After losing the first set to Gael Monfils, Nadal stormed back to take the next three sets, winning the match 6-7 (3-7), 6-3, 6-1, 6-3.  That was enough to get him excited, but he wasn’t the only one.  As Nadal rounded up his racquets and towels, a fan found his way onto the court and was able to get right beside Nadal.  He gave the Spaniard a hug and kiss before being grabbed by security.

As for Nadal’s reaction, he showed that his calm under pressure extends beyond his tennis game.  Rafael embraced the fan and even went after him to give another hug as he was being escorted off the court.

The incident was similar to that of Jimmy Jump’s confrontation with Roger Federer at the French Open, but this fan was kind enough to wait until the conclusion of the match.

Rafael has been known to be quite popular among the ladies.  It is simply a shame for him that it was one of his male fans who fulfilled their dreams of locking lips with the world’s number two tennis player.

Here is a look at the post-match incident.

And here are the highlights of the match.

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