The Monster Truck Backflip


Total Pro Sports – The backflips we see in motor sports are often performed by some of the best dirt bike riders, and sometimes unintentionally by rally car drivers.

Monster trucks are known more for their raw power than their acrobatics, but that changed with this attempt on an outdoor track.  After 30 seconds of engine revving (and time wasting, if you ask me), he finally takes off.  The ramp is a steep one, which is exactly what was required to perform the daring trick.  He approaches and climbs the mountain of dirt, which sent the truck into a full 360 head-over-heals rotation, complete with a solid landing.

And for the perfect conclusion to let you know you have just pleased the crowd with an awesome trick, just listen to the drunk female redneck screaming at the top of her lungs.  That’s Monster Jam at its best.

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