This Is Why Batting Helmets Save Lives [Video]


Total Pro Sports – It is undoubtedly the scariest moment in baseball, when a ball makes its way towards the head of a player.  We have seen the damage that such incidents can have when David Wright and Hiroki Juroda were both victims of head shots last month, and we have also seen the embarrassing precautions that may be taken on the road to recovery.

But it is not only those who find themselves in the middle of the action that are susceptible to taking a baseball in the head.  Even players and coaches in the dugout area are equally at risk.

During a little league game, the camera was focused on the on-deck batter as he warmed up.  After taking a couple of warm-up swings, he looked up to see the action at the plate, but was a second too late.  Before he could see it, the ball had struck him in the helmet, knocking him straight to the ground.

Being unaware of who the player is or the teams playing in the game we can not say for sure whether the victim was alright, but I think it’s fair to say he likely suffered a pretty bad concussion.

If you were ever looking for incentive to keeping your batting helmet on at all times, here it is.

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