Tampa Bay Rays Rookie David Price Dresses In Drag

Tampa Bay Rays Make Rookie David Price Dress In Drag

Total Pro Sports – Although hazing may be frowned upon by many, when done in a tasteful manner it can be quite the amusing event.  The Tampa Bay Rays are the perfect example of this.

While they didn’t take it as far as the Bandera High School cheerleaders, who smeared feces over their victim’s locker, the Rays did manage to put rookie pitcher David Price through the embarrassment of dressing in drag.  As you may have expected, Price does not make a very good looking female, but few 6’6 men with facial hair do.

A photo was taken of Price in a pink dress, blond wig, sunglasses, white leggings, and a pearl necklace (not the type made of male love-juices).  I doubt there are many women’s clothing stores with dresses made for females that tall, but the Rays’ players were able to find one.  Price seems to fill the dress out nicely however, and the tattoo over his left breast also adds an interesting touch to the ensemble.

Thing worked out perfectly as the Rays were taking on the Yankees last night prior to the initiation.  After all, I hear ARod has a thing for blonds.

Hat Tip Pic – [ESPN]

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