This Has To Be The Worst Soccer Dive Ever!

this-has-to-be-the-worst-soccer-dive-everTotal Pro Sports – After seeing players like Oupa Nguluba and Marcin Wasilewski suffer excruciating leg breaks during games, I was left to wonder why many refer to soccer as the sport of sissy’s.

Then I saw this clip.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse than the act put on by Iraqi goalkeeper Mohammed Gassid, this guy came along to prove me wrong.  The incident occurs after the player in blue is poked ever so slightly in the cheek by a passing opponent.  He grabs his face in pain and hits the ground looking for a call from the ref.

One can only hope that he received a lengthy suspension and fine for this display.  It is such incidents that truly place a dark cloud over the game of soccer.  Unless the perpetrator had previously dragged his feet on a carpet several times so that he could produce a  strong electrical current (and we doubt this was the case), there is absolutely no reason for such a reaction.  It is guys like this who deserve to suffer the real injuries.  That is why sometimes you just have to make those fouls count.

Hat Tip Video – [Dirty Tackle]