Caster Semenya Is A Girl……And A Boy

caster-semenyaTotal Pro Sports – Some of you may have gotten into quite the heated argument with your friends and family regarding whether or not the women’s 800-meter world champion Caster Semenya was a male or female.  Well it looks like you all can kiss and make up as you are all right.  She is both!

The test results have come in as an Australian newspaper is reporting that medical reports indicate the 18-year-old Semenya has internal male testes, rather than ovaries, which produce large amounts of testosterone.  With that being said, the IAAF has yet to make any decision on this case.

“We can officially confirm that gender verification test results will be examined by a group of medical experts,” the IAAF said in a written statement. “No decision on the case will be communicated until the IAAF has had the opportunity to complete this examination. We do not expect to make a final decision on this case before the next meeting of the IAAF Council which takes place in Monaco on November 20-21.” []

Semenya underwent blood and chromosome tests as well as a gynecological examination following her dominating performance at the World Championships in Berlin last month.  Should it be determined that she does have an advantage because of her male hormones, it would still be difficult to strip her of her medal because she has not in fact cheated.

“Our legal advice is that, if she proves to have an advantage because of the male hormones, then it will be extremely difficult to strip the medal off her, since she has not cheated,” Davies wrote to the AP. “She was naturally made that way, and she was entered in Berlin by her team and accepted by the IAAF. But let’s wait and see once we have the final decision.”

This has not only been a tough time for Caster, who has been under a lot of scrutiny since her gender came into question, but her family has suffered as well.  Her father expressed his anger over the entire incident, claiming that those who insist his daughter is not a woman “are sick”,  “crazy”, and questioned whether they are god.

The IAAF have not confirmed the test results and we will have to wait until their next Council meeting in November when a decision is expected to be made.  Until then, Caster will be remain stuck between man and womanhood in the eyes of the sporting world.

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