Dodgers Fans Have Blow Up Doll Hump-A-Thon

dodgers-fans-have-blow-up-doll-hump-a-thonTotal Pro Sports –  We have previously been the recipients of some entertaining footage of Dodgers fans as they brawled outside San Francisco’s AT&T Park.  Well the boys from Los Angeles are back to tickle our funny bone, and this time they are doing it without their fists.

The inflatable beach ball may have become a fixture in some stadiums, but at Dodgers Stadium they like to make things a little more interesting.  While sticking with the inflatable theme, they prefer the shape of a women rather than the dull curvature of a ball.  In other words, it was a “Blow Up Doll Hump-A-Thon” at Dodger Stadium and everyone was invited.

After being snuck into the stadium and inflated, the using-and-abusing began as the doll was passed along by fans.  Built strong to survive the toughest of beatings, the doll may have met its match when the fan in the blue Dodgers’ jersey got his hands on it.  A few quick thrusts later and the fans were given the free show they had been looking for.

The doll was then passed along a few more times before being caught at the level below by stadium security.  Whether the hump-a-thon continued behind the scenes is unknown, but we can only hope someone took the doll with them and gave it a proper home under their bed.

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