Malkin Does Some Russian Spy Work During Pens’ Visit To The White House

malkin-does-some-russian-spy-work-during-pens-visit-to-the-white-houseTotal Pro Sports – Yesterday the Pittsburgh Penguins took their Stanley Cup on the traditional tour of the White House.  Although the secret service likely did not see this as a security threat, that may have changed once they saw the actions of Russian superstar Evgeni Malkin.

After receiving a congratulations from Barack Obama for becoming the youngest player to be named playoff MVP, Malkin took out his phone and snapped a pic of  the American President.  That caused a hesitation from Obama and eventually drew a laugh from the crowd, but perhaps they should be worried about who Evgeni plans on sending that snapshot to.

Obama did get the opportunity to throw in a witty remark of his own when he commented Pens’ captain Sidney Crosby‘s size, stating that he “must be fast because there is some big hockey players and he is not one of them.”

It has been just under eight months since Obama entered office, but he has already made himself familiar with the sporting world.  As a sports nut, he couldn’t resist the temptation to shoot some hoops when the Lady Huskies came to visit.  Unfortunately, he left the hockey stick on the rack this time around.

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