Santonio Holmes Shows His Support For Michael Vick

santonio-holmes-wears-a-eagles-vick-jerseyTotal Pro Sports – Santonio Holmes made a big splash on the field in the NFL’s 2009 season opener between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans, but he also made quite the statement off the field as well.

Upon entering Heinz Field yesterday afternoon, cameras caught up with the reigning Super Bowl MVP as he sported the jersey of the Philadelphia Eagles’ number seven, Michael Vick.  The statement was made, but how about the timing?  Coming into your home stadium wearing the colors of another team is usually frowned upon, especially when that team is your inner-state rivals.

Should this be seen as a negative message by teammates and fans, Holmes has clearly made up for it with his play on the field, which helped the Steelers capture the 13-10 victory.  Now we must wait and see if Vick returns the favor on Sunday and gets himself a Holmes #10 jersey.

One thing is for sure.  If the jersey continues to bring similar luck to Santonio, he may want to consider getting his dogs one as well.

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