Gators’ Jerseys Spell Out A Big Fight

alli-vs-frazier-gatorsTotal Pro Sports – With Tim Tebow leading the Florida Gators into their first two games of the season against Charleston Southern and Troy, it is no surprise that the Florida Gators have not been threatened with much of a fight on the field as of yet.

Off the field is a completely different story.

During their game this past Saturday against Troy, which they won easily by a score of 56-6, a battle could be seen on the Gators’ sideline, but thankfully it did not involve any fists.  Instead, it was written on the back of the jerseys of wide receivers Stephen Alli and Brandon Frazier.  When standing beside each other, the names “Alli” and “Frazier” were lined up, and luckily there was one fan with a high sports IQ there to capture the picture.

We understand that the spelling of Stephan Alli’s last name is different than that of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, but we are not about to let a single “L” ruin our fun.

The Gators have yet to take part in their Ali vs. Frazier-like battle just yet, but with the likes of Tennessee, LSU, Georgia, and Florida State still to come, one can only hope that it wont be long before we can stop looking to the jerseys on the sideline for a historic battle.

Gators' Jerseys Spell Out A Big Fight

Gators' Jerseys Spell Out A Big Fight

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