2012 Olympic Games In London To Go 3D?

2012-olympic-games-in-london-to-go-3dTotal Pro Sports – Now that the ever-so-popular High Definition trend has died down and many seemed to have already caught on to it, what will they think of next?

How about watching the 2012 Olympic games in 3D?  Rather than having to actually go to the games to see the archers in actions, you can let their flying arrows come to you.  All you need is a 3D television and those crazy 3D glasses and you can experience all that boredom as if you were actually there.

The BBC has been looking for a way to make the 2012 Games in London “larger than life”, and they seem to think 3D is the way to go.

“We could, and I believe should, capture some of the games in 3D,” said Roger Mosley, director of the BBC’s 2012 Olympics operation.

“The Olympic stadium may only exist in its full 80,000-plus capacity for a relatively short period. Not to have that at all in 3D would be, at the very least, a major gap in the archive.” [NY Post]

The only problem here is that it is quite likely most homes will still be without 3D televisions by that time.  Mitsubishi has released a couple of versions of a three-dimensional television, while Sony and Panasonic both anticipate their own models to hit the shelves some time next year.

Now we are left with one final question: Do we really need to see the Olympics in 3D?  What good is seeing Usain Bolt popping out of my screen, or the water splashing from Michael Phelps onto my family room floor going to do for me?  It is fair to say that we have entered an age where the status quo is never good enough.

As for the 2014 Games in Sochi?  You can likely expect to see a life-size hologram of Alexander Ovechkin skate around opposing players in the comfort of your own home.

Hat Tip – [NY Post]

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