Chris Myers On Playing In Detroit: Like Going From Beyonce To Whoopi Goldberg

chris-myers-on-playing-in-detroit-like-going-from-beyonce-to-whoopi-goldbergTotal Pro Sports – For those of us who have a heart, you can’t help but feel sorry for Larry Foote.  Sure, he had the privilege of playing with the Pittsburgh Steelers for all those years of greatness and got two Super Bowl rings out of it, but now he has landed himself in Bizarro World, or as we like to call them, the Detroit Lions.

After finishing last season with an 0-16 record, the Lions have made some improvements, drafting quarterback Matthew Stafford out of Georgia with the first overall pick and also aquiring the likes of Foote and  Julian Peterson at linebacker, and cornerbacks Anthony Henry and Phillip Buchanon.  While Stafford may be having all the fun in the world making his transition into the NFL, the others will likely undergo a difficult coping process.

Such a statement is especially true for Foote, as he must endure a season with the NFL’s worst team after several with one of the best.  It can be a difficult situation to sum up, but FOX’s Chris Myers seemed to have hit the nail on the head when he stated the following on air during the Lions’ Sunday afternoon game against the New Orleans Saints:

Foote going from two Super Bowls in Pittsburgh to a winless Detroit team.  That’s like going from dating Beyonce to Whoopi Goldberg.

Truer words have never been spoken Chris, but I would have to argue the prospects of going from Beyonce to Whoopi are much worse than the move from Pittsburgh to Detroit.  After all, there is always the possibility of improvement on the part of the Lions.  I don’t believe Whoopi’s looks are growing any more forgiving as she gets older.

Here is the clip of Myers brilliant comparison.

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