Federer The Next Perpetrator Of Tennis Umpire Bashing

Federer The Next Perpetrator Of Tennis Umpire BashingTotal Pro Sports – In case you were busy last night watching two sadly failed upset attempts on Monday Night Football’s opening week double-header, you likely missed one successful underdog story at the US Open men’s final.  What you also missed was another verbal attack on the poor individuals who have been under a great wrath of words at this years tournament.

Over the weekend we saw Serena Williams lash out at a line judge after being called for a foot foul, and now the cool-tempered Roger Federer had some rather unkind words for the chair umpire during last night’s match against Juan Martin del Potro.

With the third set tied at 4-4 and Federer serving with the deuce advantage, del Potro hit his shot wide.  As both players made their way to their seats for a rest between games, the Argentine asked to challenge the ruling that his shot was out.  Federer became upset with the umpire for giving del Potro the opportunity to challenge the play long after the call had been made, stating the following:

“I wasn’t allowed to challenge after like two seconds, and the guy takes like ten.  How can you allow that stuff to happen?  Do you have any rules in there?  Stop showing me your hand, okay?  Don’t tell me to be quite.  When I want to talk I’ll talk.  I don’t give a shit what he said.  I’m just saying he waited too long”

What can you say about the always impressive Federer.  He will dominate you on the court with unbelievable shots, and even when he is slightly off his game, he will still out-jaw anyone who gets in his way.  When you are as good as he is, you are damn right you can talk whenever you want to talk.

Federer went on to lose the five set match to del Potro in what many consider to be one of the greatest upsets in US Open history.  A 6th seed beating a 1st seed is the biggest upset in history?  Just goes to show you how good Federer really is.

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