The Awkwardness Of A Tom Brady Post-Game Interview

The Awkwardness Of A Tom Brady Post-Game InterviewTotal Pro Sports -The final five minutes of the game went as smoothly as it possibly could for the always impressive Tom Brady last night.  As for his post-game interview with Suzy Kolber, that was anything but smooth.

Following his outstanding performance which helped lead the New England Patriots to a 25-24 victory over the Buffalo Bills, Brady offered a couple of post-game handshakes before making his way to the locker room.  As he ran away, Kolber attempted to get a quick couple of questions with the former MVP quarterback.  Rather than stay put and speak, Brady asked Kolber to run along with him.  That was just the beginning of what was an awkwardly entertaining moment in the history of sideline sports reporting.

As Suzy clutcher on to the left arm of Brady, she tried her hardest to keep up with the quick footed QB and asked her questions on the run.  Unfortunately her voice could not be heard and Tom had to ask her to repeat the question a few times.  After finally getting that one across, Suzy was kind enough to let Brady go, but now we are all left to wonder one thing.  Did Brady blow off Kolber?

He seemed to be in somewhat of a rush to get off the field.  Perhaps his urgency was the result of a request from Gisele for another Best Buy item.  Whatever it was, you can’t blame the guy.  He has been out of the game for a year and has not had to do one of those post-game interviews in a while.  One thing is for sure though.  If he continues to play like he did in the fourth quarter last night, he will have no choice but to get used to speaking with Kolber and other reporters following his games as the season goes on.

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