Dad Catches Ball For Daughter And She Throws It Back [Video]

Dad Catches Ball For Daughter And She Throws It BackTotal Pro Sports – Drunken brawls, uncoordinated dancing, and blow-up doll dry-humping have become the typical form of entertainment you may find at the ball park, but alcohol isn’t always needed in order for fans to make the nightly highlight package.  Sometimes an impressive grab on a foul ball can turn some heads, or even what happens after that.

During last night’s game between the Phillies and Nationals at Citizens Bank Park, a father, who brought his wife and daughters to the game, made a nice catch over the railing on a Jayson Werth foul ball.  After receiving some cheers and celebrating with some fist bumps, dad did what seemed to be the right thing and gave his daughter the ball.  That turned out to be a big mistake.

Taking part in some baseball tradition, the little girl threw the ball back, much to the disappointment of her dad, and the crowd. Luckily her father kept a cool temper and gave his daughter a hug following her gaff.

Kids these days.  You just can’t trust them anymore.

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