Penn State’s Andrew Quarless Has College Football’s Worst Tattoo

andrew-quarless-tattooTotal Pro Sports – It is no secret that college players who attend the NFL combine are judged on just about everything, from body shape, to athletic ability, among other things.  That may not bode well for Penn State linebacker Andrew Quarless, who may have the talent to someday play in the NFL, however he does fall short of being “God’s Gift,” a claim made by the tattoo on his arms.  One can only imagine what NFL scouts will think of that.

Quarless, who some believe has the proper skill set to be successful in the sport, has had a number of problems off the field, including charges for possession of marijuana and under-aged drinking.  This makes us wonder whether he believes he is God’s gift to the game of football, or to the state of Pennsylvania’s legal system.

It may not be the worst tattoo we have seen on an athlete, but Quarless’ arm art should surely receive recognition for its utter stupidity.  Even Tim Tebow would not go so far as to have such words imprinted permanently on him, and he may very well be a gift from the college football gods, or at least many seem to believe that.  If Quarless is supposed to be a gift from God, we can only hope that he also came with a gift receipt.

Andrew Quarless Tattoo

Andrew Quarless Tattoo

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