Buy Your Matt “Vick” Leinart Figurines Today

matt-leinart-figurineTotal Pro Sports – The weather in Arizona is quite nice these days, but we didn’t think it could give Cardinals backup quarterback Matt Leinart a tan this dark.

You may have seen some of those interesting NFL Players figurines in the toy section of your local WalMart before, but we were under the impression that they only came in starters or guys who have actually played, like Dan Marino, Terrell Owens, and even Ricky Williams.  Well I guess we were wrong.  It is as if the league has run out of stars, so now they have gone to their reserves, and that means guys like Leinart get an action figure too.  Unfortunately, it seems as though it was made by giving a quick makeover to all the extra Michael Vick figurines left from his days with the Falcons.

This toy was found on the WalMart shelves, and as you would expect from most sports memorabilia figurines, it looks nothing like the player it depicts, in this case Leinart.  That is no surprise, but what does provide us with some interest is the unusually dark skin tone given to the rather light-skinned quarterback.  Maybe this doll stayed a bit too long in the same tanning bed with ARod.

Think of the bright side though.  If things don’t pan out well for Warner or Leinart in the desert in the coming years, the Cards can always make a move for Vick, and the NFL will already have the figurines ready.  After all, they should not be expecting to sell many (if any) of their Leinarts.

Buy Your Matt "Vick" Leinart Figurines Today

Buy Your Matt "Vick" Leinart Figurines Today

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