Cost of Having Fun in the NFL: $60,000 For 6 Eagles Players

6 Eagles Players FinedTotal Pro Sports – Somewhere in the midst of Jake Delhomme throwing his 9th interception in 2 games, Donovan McNabb fracturing his ribs and numerous shots of Michael Vick pacing about in the directors box – is he also banned from sitting down at an NFL game? – a pretty lame celebration went on. Who cares, right? Well apparently the NFL’s fun police thought it appropriate to fine 6 Philadelphia players $10,000 each for their inclusion in said celebration.

When Philadelphia lovechild Brent Celek caught Philadelphia’s 3rd score of the day the gang celebration went down, and the flags went up. I understand fining DeSean Jackson and Celek for giving him the ball, but it’s tough to find 4 more equally guilty Eagles players. Play NFL commissioner and see if you can find the culprits, it’s like a fun hater’s Where’s Waldo game:

The winning numbers are #10 Desean Jackson, #87 Brent Celek, the spike-er #67 Jamaal Jackson, #82 and #76 Alex Smith and Stacy Andrews who leave their feet and #80 Kevin Curtis. All were fined $10,000 a piece. Now as I said, I understand fining the two Jacksons and Celek (he did of course hand the ball over, but he plans to appeal), sanctions against Andrews and Smith are conceivable but what did little ol’ Kevin Curtis do? He looked like the nerd trying to hang with the cool kids and it costs him $10K.

In other celebration news, Chad Ochocinco is promising a big Twitter suprise during a game. He didn’t appear to get up to any Twitter based mishaps last Sunday, but he also didn’t score. Putting 2 and 2 together I would expect “I just scored a TD” to be hitting a Twitter recepticle near you soon when Ocho finds paydirt.

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