Coyote Fans (All 3 Of Them) Blame Media For Team’s Failures

phoenix-coyotesTotal Pro Sports –  Hockey in the desert where no one cares about the sport, an arena in the middle of nowhere, and a poor product on the ice (which has not made the playoffs since 2002).  These are what most people with a speckle of common sense would point to when explaining the failures of the Phoenix Coyotes’ NHL franchise.  Sadly enough, the team’s fans don’t fall into such a category.

With that being said, it would only make sense to move the team to Canada, where people actually know the game exists, but the NHL is not about to let that happen.  At least not while Jim Balsillie is the one trying to make that move.  So as long as the big dogs of the NHL want to believe a team can succeed in such a climate and keep the Coyotes in Phoenix (and thus, relative obscurity), they will continue to look for ways to change the team’s fortunes.  So what are the fans saying?

“You have to get the word out,” said Niels Maclellan, a season ticket holder who was at the Coyotes-Kings game with his young daughter.

Maclellan, who hopes the team stays in Arizona, said the local media doesn’t cover the team enough.

You may be thinking to yourself “that is the perspective of only one person,” but he is not the only one with such feelings.

Archie Baird, a Phoenix resident and long-time season ticket holder, said there is no reason this market can’t back the Coyotes. He also lamented the lack of media coverage.

“We have 5 million people here. There’s no reason we can’t support a team,” said Baird.

That is two people.  When you consider the Coyotes have about five total fans, those who want to blame the media are only one vote away from a majority.  And for the clincher…

Roger, a fan who declined to give his last name, agreed media coverage is lacking, but added the fact the Coyotes haven’t made the NHL’s 16-team playoffs since 2002 has hurt fan and media interest.

Hmmm.  Sounds like this guy isn’t completely sold on the notion that the team is suffering solely because of a lack of media coverage, but we’ll give them the third vote, and thus the majority ruling anyways.  But before we go that far and conclusively place the blame on the media and look to expand the coverage of the Phoenix Coyotes, one more thing should be noted.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Translated to fit into this context, you can fill your television and radio stations with all the Coyotes crap you want, but you can’t force the citizens of Phoenix to enjoy a sport they don’t like, being played by a team that isn’t good, in an arena that is in the middle of bum-f*ck-nowhere.

Hat Tip – [Phoenix Business Journal]

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