Shaq Suffers Another Embarrassment After Losing To Phelps In The Pool

Shaq Suffers Another Embarrassment After Losing To Phelps In The PoolTotal Pro Sports – The smack down on Shaq Vs. continued this week as the big man entered the pool looking to take on the worlds fastest man in the water, Michael Phelps.  Previously Shaq was given a pink speedo to wear as he walked along the beach after being defeated by Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in a 2-on-2 game of volleyball.  This time we didn’t have to wait for him to lose before he would have to wear the skimpy little swim shorts.

Shaq faced off against Phelps, and as expected this one would end like all of his previous competitions, in a loss.  The Cavs’ center was impressive however, as Phelps was barely able to beat him to the line, taking the race by only 0.17 seconds.

So once again, Shaq, as the loser, would be forced to undergo some sort of embarrassing initiation.  This time, rather than a pink speedo, it was a pink shower cap which also dawned a pink flower (sounds like they are running out of ideas).  The Big Diesel would wear the feminine piece of swim attire as he joined a group of young female synchronized swimmers in the pool, but before trying any moves, he would have to make a grand entrance.


The crowd asked for it and Shaq delivered, and if I may say so, that was one big-ass canon ball.  It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that the pool needed to be refilled with water after he got out.
Check out the clip.