Steve Smith’s Encouragement For Delhomme Not All That Encouraging

Steve Smiths Encouragement For Delhomme Not All That Encouraging

Total Pro Sports – The Sunday afternoon debacle orchestrated by Panthers’ quarterback Jake Delhomme is tough to sum up in words, but if anyone could come close, it was wide receiver Steve Smith.

During their game against the visiting Philadelphia Eagles, Smith was mic’d up and that allowed us to listen in on his motivational speech for the struggling quarterback, which when we really think about it wasn’t motivating at all.  In fact, it was exactly what you would expect an honest man to say about such a shoddy performance from someone who recently has looked like a rather shoddy player. Delhomme has now thrown nine interceptions and only one touchdown over his past two games, dating back to last year’s divisional playoff loss to the Arizona Cardinals.  Many would suggest that such stats may cause one to second guess themselves, and when Delhomme was looking for some sort of assurance, Smith took a seat right next to him and had the following to say:

“Hey, I know you feel like crap.  I mean you’re not a very handsome guy anyways, but the performer, the quarterback?  I never really liked you as a quarterback.  But as a person, I love you as a person.”

That doesn’t exactly seem like the type of pep talk that will help revive your quarterback.  It does however make for some good entertainment, and if the Panthers weren’t going to provide it on the field with their play, then at least they could do so on the sidelines with their mouths.

You also have to appreciate the honesty from Smith.  He pretty much said what most of us were thinking right around Delhomme’s third interception of the game.  And to think they just finished signing him to a huge 5-year extension over the summer.

As for the rest of the clip, Smith also discusses his braces during a huddle and how they make his mouth dry, but they seem to be fixing the gap in his teeth (so he says).  Unfortunately, with the Panthers looking as bad as they did in their season debut, there may not be much smiling for Smith over the next couple of months.
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