The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Kicks Off With A Blood Bath

The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Kicks Off With A Blood Bath

Total Pro Sports – Last night marked the beginning of the 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter, a reality television show that offers unknown MMA fighters the opportunity to earn a six-figure contract in the UFC.  With the heavyweights invading the octagon for this season, much of the attention was on YouTube sensation Kimbo Slice, who coach Quinton “Rampage” Jackson used his first pick to draft onto his team.  That was the final time we would see Rampage smile last night.

Although it was too early for him to begin ripping down doors, Rampage was given the opportunity to pick the match-up for the first fight, and he decided to go with another one of his giants, Abe Wagner, against the much smaller John Madsen.  This was believed to be a good fight initially for Team Rampage because of the size advantage and Wagner’s striking skills are superior to those of Madsen, but the ground game was a completely different story.

Madsen took “Big Abe” down early and often, and when they got to the ground, size was no longer an issue.  After all, everyone is the same size on the ground.  Madsen repeatedly came down on Wagner’s head with fists and elbows, cutting him open badly and continuing to work his ground-and-pound.  After the first round, even Dana White declared the fight to be the bloodiest he has ever seen in TUF.  Madsen would go on to win by unanimous decision, and his flawless effort was enough to send an angry Rampage off to the dressing room before the final bell even went.

So just how bad was the cut?  X-Rays were not even needed to see whether Wagner had fractured his skull.

Here is a look at the bloodbath that even topped the brutality displayed earlier in the night when Roger Huerta nearly got his arm ripped off.

The Cut After Fight

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