Florida Woman Impresses With Looks, Gator Hunting, And Crossbow Skills


Total Pro Sports – Some may refer to it as animal cruelty.  Others as the circle of life.  Which ever way you put it, Arianne Prevost is one hot gator hunter, and she has the kill to prove it.

Nowadays, most hunters prefer a gun as their weapon of choice, but not Arianne, which makes her catch all the more impressive.  Instead, she chose the extremely difficult crossbow, which can be hard to aim, and thus make the kill, but when successful it is that much more rewarding.  This year’s public gator hunt in Florida was Arianne’s first, and she made it a memorable one by bagging an 11-foot, 450 pound gator.  It is not as heavy as the mako shark caught by Taylor Sears, but it does have an extra foot in length.

Arianne set out for the kill with her boyfriend Robert Rohmann, and friend Peter Deeks.  They had been been scouting the St. Johns River marshlands and stalked an area where they believed the giant beast would eventually swim through.  When they finally spotted their prey Tuesday night at about 9pm, Arianne connected with two perfect shots on the gator from 10 to 15 feet out, then finished the job from close range.

When asked about her trophy hunt, she replied, “I can’t seem to kill a deer, but I can kill an 11-foot alligator.”  You would think that explaining such wouldn’t be difficult.  After all, it should come as no surprise that hitting a larger target is logically easier.

As for her boyfriend, Rohmann.  It must be emasculating to have your woman show you up in a gator hunt.  However, the slight bit of embarrassment that comes with it is little price to pay for having yourself on hot hunting companion.  Perhaps it is Robert who should be credited with nabbing the greatest catch.

Arianne Prevost With 11 Foot Gator

Arianne Prevost With 11 Foot Gator

Arianne Prevost

Arianne Prevost

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