Kyle Okposo Stretchered Off After Dion Phaneuf Hit [Video]

Kyle Okposo Stretchered Off After Dion Phaneuf Hit

Total Pro Sports – Preseason NHL hockey is back and although many prefer to keep it in second gear during these exhibition games, some players don’t know anything other than fifth gear.  One of those guys is Dion Phaneuf and last night Kyle Okposo found that out the hard way.

Just over five minutes into the second period, with the Islanders up 3-1 in Calgary, Okposo skated the puck through the neutral zone with his head down and the puck in his skates.  That was when Phaneuf stepped up and laid one of his patented bruising open-ice hits.

Okposo remained on the ice as the Islander players raced to get their hands on Phaneuf.  First there was Pascal Morency, who came roaring off the bench to get some revenge.  Okposo remained motionless on the ice for several minutes as medical personnel and trainers from both teams attended to him.  He was eventually immobilized onto a spinal board and taken off the ice.  No medical update is currently available.

This hit brought back memories of Colton Teubert‘s thunderous check on Jordan Caron during this summer’s Canadian junior evaluation camp.  Not only were they similar in brute force, but they both took place in a meaningless game.  Expect the debate to ensue regarding whether such hits belong during preseason play.  At the end of the day, when you get on the ice and jobs are on the line, expect the game to be played hard.  Those who do not often find themselves receiving a painful reminder.

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