Weirdos-A-Plenty At Last Night’s Canes-Yellow Jackets Game

weirdos-a-plenty-at-last-nights-miami-vs-georgia-tech-gameTotal Pro Sports – It is nothing new to see some of the strangest individuals in the stands of NCAA college football games.  After hours of tailgating and stuffing their faces with booze, booze and more booze, character transformation is a common occurrence.  Thankfully the ESPN cameras were able to catch several of those hardcore fans who have the ability to provide us more with entertainment than the game at times.

Although that is tough to say about last night’s match-up between Georgia Tech and Miami, which had two notable hits, among several others, the fans in Land Shark Stadium were something of another breed.

We’ll start at the the two individuals featured in the pic.  On the left we have “The U’s” version of Sasquatch and on the right is their Ginger Kid.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  The Sasquatch did do a good job on his chest.  Maybe next week he can try adding some hair color in there.  Ginger girl, on the other hand, couldn’t get much oranger.  We can’t help but notice how much she looks like the Alex Rodriguez umpalumpa .  Both characters were great, and best of all they did not put someone else through torture for their own good (unless you want to include the viewers).

That can not be said about the Miami Hurricanes’ Weekend Dad, whose enthusiasm and joy could be seen in the tears of his crying daughter.  With the Canes dominating at the end of the third quarter, most of those in the building dawning the Miami green and orange had a smile on their face, except one little girl whose dad was too busy waiving his arms in joy that he may have forgotten in his hands were the same arms attached to his young daughter.  I guess the noise in the building was too loud for him to hear her wailing cries.

Yes, the goot times may be back for The U, and so to are the crazy fans.

Miami Hurricanes Fan With Shaved Chest

Miami Hurricanes Fan With Shaved Chest

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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