Chad Ochocinco’s Lambeau Leap Comes With Expletive Hand Gesture

chad-ochocincos-lambeau-leap-comes-with-expletive-hand-gestureTotal Pro Sports – We were all promised by Chad Ochocinco that if he scored a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers yesterday afternoon, he would perform the Lambeau leap.  With 1:09 left in the third quarter, fans behind the Packers end zone were treated to what they had likely been waiting for all afternoon when eighty-five hauled in his first touchdown pass of the season.

With a yellow flag thrown, Chad had to wait a few seconds before racing off to the back corner, but after hearing it was for an offside call, he quickly spotted a group of Bengals fans and made the leap.  Although this year’s version came without a beer dousing, Ochocinco was still greeted with some indecency from the Packer faithful.

After climbing the wall and finding the accepting arms of some Bengals fans, surrounding cheeseheads also got into the mix, with one flashing a middle-finger at the camera.

Even with the NFL being somewhat of a No Fun League, Ochocinco is not expected to receive a fine for this celebration, and although that mean we will not get to see him Twit pic a letter from the league this week, he may want to consider posting an image of this moment reminding us all that the Bengals’ wideout always keeps his word.

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