Could This Be The NCAA’s Newest Team?

university-of-virginia-vaginasTotal Pro Sports – For those of us who witnessed the pregame debacle of the University of Virginia and their beloved Cav Man, we couldn’t help but think that maybe it is time to beign the search for a new school mascot.  With thew UVA Cavaliers now 0-3 to start the season, change may be needed, and with it the hopes of a refreshing new start.

As for suggestions regarding the big school makeover, we can look no further than this creative license plate.  Introducing to you, the University of Virginia Vaginas!

Just think of the possibilities.  Rather than having Cav Man come out and risk the embarrassing possibility of him being dislodged from Sabre again, they can wheel out Tatiata Kozhevnikova and her world’s strongest vagina.  You can surely expect the fans to erupt in a frenzy after she performs her ball swinging trick.

Before you know it, every star high schooler will want to become part of the history that is the University of Virginia Vaginas.  Now they just have to make it happen.

University Of Virginia Vaginas

University Of Virginia Vaginas

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