“Dude Perfect” Hits World’s Longest Basketball Shot [Video]

Dude Perfect Hits World's Longest Basketball ShotTotal Pro Sports – With a name like “Dude Perfect” you would only expect something amazing to come from these guys.  In a recent visit to Kyle Field, home of the Texas A&M Aggies football team, they delivered.

In what they are calling “the world’s longest basketball shot,” one of the Dude Perfect guys stood on the third deck at Aggieland and tossed a ball through the rim of a basket sitting on the field below.  It was quite the accomplishment, but for a bunch of guys who seem to make basketball shots for a living, the celebration seemed a little excessive.

I am not sure if I want to believe this is the longest basketball shot just yet.  Derek Fisher‘s 33-foot shot from the Nokia Plaza in Los Angeles was a long toss as well, However, we will not take anything away from the show put on once again by Dude Perfect.  And best of all, they plan on sponsoring one child overseas for every 100,000 views their Summer Camp edition receives.  So visit Dude Perfect and help them spread their basketball brilliance across the world.

3rd Deck View

Field View

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