Jerry Jones Digs For Gold In The New Cowboys Stadium

jerry-jones-picks-his-noseTotal Pro Sports – Jerry Jones was looking to find a bright spot in last night’s disastrous opening to the new Cowboys Stadium as his Dallas club lost to their division rival New York Giants 33-31 on a late field goal from Lawrence Tynes.  Needless to say, he did not find it in his nose, but he sure did put in a hard search.

One of the downfalls of being such an outspoken and recognized owner of a football franchise it you can expect to accumulate several minutes of television face time each week when you team takes the field.  While that is not entirely a bad thing, it can be when they catch you picking your nose in the press box.

In the first quarter, following a Bruce Johnson interception return for a touchdown, cameras focused on Jones, who most would expect to be fuming after seeing Tony Romo deliver an easy seven points to the Giants.  Instead he was preoccupied trying to unclog his nasal passages with his thumb.  Maybe that is where he found all the gold that helped pay for the new stadium.  I’m guessing he may have been looking for some more in order to buy his club a new defense as well.

It was a rough night for Jerry and the Cowboys, but there is no need to worry.  With Jake Delhomme and his Carolina Panthers coming to town next Monday night, they will no longer have to worry about having the most turnover friendly quarterback on the field.  As for the nose picking, lets just say he isn’t the first to get caught on camera this year.

Hat Tip – [Sports Rubbish]