Fan Takes The Worst Of A Hit From Bruins’ Jeffrey Lovecchio

Fan Takes The Worst Of A Hit From Bruins Jeffrey LovecchioTotal Pro Sports – Everyone loves a beautiful goal, but many of hockey’s fans have been won over as a result of the bone crushing nature of the sport.  Unfortunately, that same physicality may have lost the NHL one fan after Sunday night’s preseason game between the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens at the Colisée Pepsi in Quebec.

With players from both teams looking to make an impression on their respective coaches, two young prospects went hard at one another along the boards, but it was the woman in the first row who came away with the worst of it.  As Canadiens forward Mathieu Darche attempted to skate the puck out of his own zone, he was cut off by Jeffrey Lovecchio, who finished his check along the boards.  The jolt was enough to dislodge the glass, causing it to crash down on the face of the female spectator.

The sheets of glass found in NHL arenas can be quite heavy, and we can only assume that this blow was not one the woman would simply walk off.  It is difficult to spot her reaction in the initial replay, but the second, up close look gives us an idea of just how squarely she took it in the face.

It may only be preseason hockey but once again it has become evident that no one is safe.  Not Kyle Okposo, and apparently, not even the fans.

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