Ferrari Drivers And Their Parking Law Immunity [Pics]

Ferrari Drivers Can Park Where They Want

Total Pro Sports – Is it me or can only a Ferrari get away with such a parking job.  I don’t want to be quick to judge on this one.  After all, the drivers of these three red beauties could have hobbled out of their car, grabbed their wheelchairs from the trunk and rolled themselves into the country club.  Then again, the trunks on the Ferrari F40, F50 and Enzo likely could not even fit a wheelchair.

With that all being said, I am going to go on and assume that being an asshole is the only thing handicapping the owners of these three Ferraris.  Sadly, not even a ticket would do much good as their change compartments are likely filled with enough small bills to pay off several parking infractions.

So it seems that we should just come to terms with the fact that Ferrari drivers hold a certain sense of immunity when it comes to parking laws.  Perhaps that is part of the added cost of purchasing such an expensive car.

At least it isn’t the worst parking job we have ever witnessed.

Hat Tip Pictures – [Madwhips]

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