Score This As One Point For Mother Nature

score-this-as-one-point-for-mother-natureTotal Pro Sports -Man vs. nature is the name of the game when you take the boat out and get your fishing rod in the water.  Sometimes man comes away with a giant catch, whether it be a 624-pound Mako Shark or a 64-pound King of Common Carps, but many times nature has proven its ability to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

This battle between an angler and a giant salmon which lasted for well over 15 minutes seemed as though it would be a win for the humans.  That is until an unexpected visitor of the sea decided to crash the party.  After wearing the fish down, the man is only a few feet away from reeling in his prized catch.  With the fish finally in the net, the fight looked to be over.  That was when a giant sea lion made his way to the surface to claim his meal.

The two men could do nothing but let the net go and curse at the giant “son of a bitch.”  It was on battle that mother nature was not about to lose, leaving man to search elsewhere for their next meal in a place where only the fittest survive.

You have to appreciate the circle of life.  Man catches salmon.  Sea lion steals salmon.  Man harpoons sea lion (assuming this is what comes next).

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