Cops Caught Playing Wii Bowling During Drug Raid [Video]

Cops Play Some Wii Bowling During Drug RaidTotal Pro Sports – Video games have come a long way over the past decade or so.  Their improved graphics and game play have caused even some of the world’s greatest athletes like the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and the Washington Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin to get involved in all the fun, and they are definitely not the only ones.

So just how addicting can these video games be?  Look no further than Florida’s finest in uniform, who couldn’t resist the temptation of hitting the ally for some Wii bowling during a drug raid.  The raid took place in March of this year and while the officers were able to locate drugs, weapons and stolen property, what they didn’t find was a hidden surveillance camera that would end up recording their nine hours of strikes, spares and splits.

That’s right.  Nine f*cking hours of bowling on taxpayers money.  Sixteen officers to search a house for that long, and as MSNBC calculated, that comes out to roughly $4000 dollars.  Maybe it is just me, but the “hurry up and wait” defense doesn’t seem to cut it (stated at 2:21).

A dark cloud of embarrassment now looms over the three Florida police departments involved.  They had nine hours to kill in a home filled with drugs, weapons and a Nintendo Wii.  That sounds like a fun time just waiting to happen.  Maybe we should be happy that it was only the Wii they were interested in trying.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]