Crazy Handball Goal In Brazil That Counted [Video]

Crazy Handball Goal In Brazil And It CountedTotal Pro Sports – The rivalry between Argentina and Brazil is a heated one, and so if Argentina has their version of “the hand of God” created by international star Diego Maradona, then it only makes sense that Brazil must one-up their continental rivals.

Brazil will see your “hand of god” Argentina, and raise you a soccer brawl to follow.

You have to appreciate the way soccer players seem to have a knack for policing their own games, and that was the case when Ceara and Parana of Brazil’s second division squared off this past weekend.  With Parana seemingly desperate for a goal, Wellington Silva was willing to do just about anything to get one for them, even if it meant stepping outside the rule books.

The incident occurred minutes before the halftime whistle. Parana had a corner on the right hand side which missed everyone in the box before traveling towards the far post. Looking to latch onto the loose ball, Wellington Silva had managed to anticipate the back-post delivery but, being too far away from the ball to head it into the net, the number 9 opted to try his luck by handling the ball into the net.

Amazingly, the officials failed to catch the blatant handball and the goal stood. [101 Great Goals]

At one point, female line judge Ticiana Falcão raises the flag in an effort to signal the goal should be disallowed, but referee in charge Charles Hebert thought otherwise and overruled her decision.

As you would expect, chaos ensued with several players, coaches and others going after the cheating Silva.  If the referee isn’t going to provide the necessary discipline for acts of cheating, then I guess the players will.

As you would expect, Hebert has since been relieved of his duties for the remainder of the season.  He is also expected to check himself in with an optometrist within the next few weeks.

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