David Pelz Makes 200-Foot Putt [Video]

David Perez Makes 200-Foot Putt Total Pro Sports – For many, golf can be quite the frustrating sport which may involve some club smashing, bag throwing, and even incessant swearing.  That is, until you drain yourself a 200-foot putt.

Sounds difficult, right?  Well not when you are David Pelz and can drain that shot with apparent ease.  It kind of makes you wonder when this guy is lining them up from that far away and dropping the ball right into the cup, while a simple 5-footer can seem like hell for others.  Of course that is just me speaking for myself.  Maybe I should just accept the fact that Perez is 40 times better than me, at the very least.

During an instructional video, the short game specialist lined up a putt from 200 feet in an attempt to show viewers how to get it close to the flag stick.  You can’t get it much closer than he did as the ball nicely curled into the hole.  Now I am just trying to think whether this would make a good instructional clip or simply aggravate viewers because of how easy Perez makes it look.

Hat Tip Video – [Devil Ball]

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