Pats Fans Are Just Not That Big On Losing

Pats Fans Are Just Not That Big On LosingTotal Pro Sports – After three Super Bowls and a perfect regular season throughout the past eight years, it is not hard to believe that the New England Patriots and their fans have almost entirely forgot what it feels like to lose, especially when Tom Brady is under center.

This one die-hard fan was reminded of that feeling on Sunday when the Pats lost to their division rivals, the New York Jets, and it was enough to make him lose his shirt, literally.

After seeing what he believes to be pass interference not called against the Jets while watching the game at home with some friends, the Pats fan erupts in a heated state of disbelief and tears his shirt apart in a Hulk Hogan-like fashion.  I guess when your team is losing, every one of Tom Brady’s incomplete passes is the result of interference.

There was likely a little added frustration resulting from the fact that it was a New York team beating Boston’s beloved NFL franchise.  However, I can’t help but wonder what this guys wardrobe looked like after Brady went down with an injury during the first game of last season.

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