The Madness Continues With The World’s Strongest Ears

The Worlds Strongest EarsTotal Pro Sports – Thanks to those responsible for creating the Guiness Book of World Records, it seems as though people will use just about any body part they can think of to lift a large amount of weight and get their name into the record books.

This time it was Rakesh Kumar‘s turn to make history as he lifted 242 pounds with his ears.  Unfortunately, it could not be recognized as a world record following his demonstration in Ludhiana, India.  However, he does plan to travel to England in order to make his accomplishment official and get his name in the record books.

Kumar says he trains every two days on his ears, and has done so for the past eight years in order to build such strength.  He was also a body builder and has won Mr. Punjab.

Oddly enough, Kumar also has a nutrition expert to help his training.  Who knew that such expertise was needed in order to become a elite level ear lifter.  I wonder if the world’s strongest vagina also had a nutritionist?  Or would we simply refer to such a person as a gynecologist.

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